And that scarf I'll have you know is from the Gap!


[Image: a series of tweets by justified agitator (@Awkward_Duck) on August 19, 2014.

1:23 AM: We literally laid in someone’s backyard for what seemed like an eternity while tanks rolled down the streets #Ferguson

1:26 AM: I’m live tweeting because there’s a media blackout. #Ferguson

1:33 AM: I’m so shaken. They’re literally just rolling around throwing tear gas into neighborhoods-not aggressive crowds. #Ferguson

1:34 AM: I was pouring milk over one guys eyes when they came back around and threw another at us. #Ferguson

1:51 AM: Let me repeat, THEY ARE GASSING NEIGHBORHOODS not crowds of protestors.There was only a few of us walking. there is no curfew, so why?]

Tom Hiddleston | ALS Ice Bucket Challenge [x]


If you’re protesting abortion, the Supreme Court says you can get right in women’s faces and scream at them on their way into the clinic. Because freedom of speech.

But if you try and protest the murder of a black man, you get tear gas fired at you.

Tom Hiddleston is the latest victim to take up the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge (and we’d like to thank Nathan Fillion for providing him with the opportunity).


Some snaps from my Harry Potter Reread - Part 1 [Part 2]

It’s always surprising to me how many young women think they have to be perfect. I rarely meet a young man who doesn’t think he already is.
 Hillary Clinton speaking at Simmons Leadership Conference (via meggannn)







Aaaaaaaand I can’t breathe.


Sleepy Hollow Cast Stair Walk ↔ San Diego Comic Con 2014

Misha being totally adorable on his first convention when a fan asks him to say one of Castiel's lines.

I knew you could do it.


Oh bitch, I AM THE NAUGHTY List :) #Succubus #Bo #AnnaSilk #LostGirl


Oh bitch, I AM THE NAUGHTY List :) #Succubus #Bo #AnnaSilk #LostGirl